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Industrial & Food Process METAL DETECTORS

Video portfolio of reconditioned, new and used industrial and food grade METAL DETECTORs, conveyorized / belt transfer, drop-through / gravity, and liquid / pipeline metal detection systems from Alard Equipment Corporation.

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LOMA MICRO ISC STAINLESS STEEL DIGITAL METAL DETECTOR with stainless steel elevating THRU-CONVEYOR with PULL-BACK REJECT system. 5 1/4 inch high by 12 inch wide usable aperture opening.

Stainless steel washdown-sealed search head enclosure with digital operator controls, mounted on and integrated with tubular frame stainless steel wash-down configured ELEVATING THROUGH-CONVEYOR, with a 10 inch wide by 74 inch long interlocking plastic chain type belt. The metal detection head and conveyor are integrated with a pneumatic retracting conveyor belt / "pull back" type reject mechanism: If contamination is detected, the discharge end of the conveyor pulls back 8 inches, so the product drops through (usually a tote box or bin is placed beneath to catch rejects).

Previously used to receive bags from a (not included, but we may have available) vertical form-fill-seal machine (VFFS) and discharge the bags onto an accumulating disk (also not included, but we may have available), the elevating conveyor presently inclines from a 21 inch infeed height to a 45 inch discharge height, with the stainless steel frame sitting on adjustable height feet. Product flow runs in a right to left direction from the operator controls position.

Both the metal detector head and conveyor are configured for WASHDOWN use, including the conveyor's stainless steel wash-down motor. Both the metalchecker and conveyor take 110 volt single phase (standard US household current) electrical input.

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Alard item reference #: Y1424