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Industrial & Food Process METAL DETECTORS

Video portfolio of reconditioned, new and used industrial and food grade METAL DETECTORs, conveyorized / belt transfer, drop-through / gravity, and liquid / pipeline metal detection systems from Alard Equipment Corporation.

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Goring Kerr TEK21 DSP Digital, Drop Thru Metal Detector with Reject Diverter / Valve, Alard item Z9933

GORING KERR TEK 21 DSP STAINLESS STEEL, DIGITAL, DROP-THROUGH METAL DETECTOR with REJECT DIVERTER / VALVE: 5" diameter by 24" long plastic drop-thru tube through a stainless steel detection head enclosure with 6" diameter aperture. The drop-thru tube leads to a Goring Kerr model 402 stainless steel pneumatically actuated reject system. 3' drop from infeed to product discharge. 5" square product and reject discharge openings, with reject discharge facing to the right (as perceived by someone standing at the control panel position). Digital operator controls, in gasketed stainless steel control box. Stainless steel power supply enclosure. Head, controls, power supply box, and reject system all mounted on a stainless steel frame. 110 volt single phase electrical input.

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Alard item reference #: Z9933